1920s for 2020

1920s for 2020

To start the new decade in style the theme for the window was going back to the roaring 20’s. I tried to replicate the crisp straight lines and symmetry of the art deco style throught the window. I managed to keep the window looking s=elegant and sophistacated using a limited colour pallete of only black, white and gold. Deciding on how to lay out the window was the key decision in this display, whether the female mannequins should be in the centre, if the crates should go out at edges, if I should even use all 3 mannequins. I roughly sketched out a few different arrangements until I found that this oine was the most preferable, especially with the possible outfits.It was very easy to make the shape from the crates we had in store, though it was hard to try and get similar material for all the different crates, the black one is actually just one piece carefully arranged and one of the white ones is an underskirt.

With art deco style simplicity is one of the key themes, so the items in the window were all carefully selected with effort mde to make it not look empty, but slso not overcrowded, and also balanced. The dress on the blond mannequin was chosen the other week however it was much harder to dress the black haired one. Trying to find anything that looks 1920’s is very difficult (it was a 100 years ago, clothes do not last that well) and the outfit that she ended up in is not very 1920s but was the best I could manages. I tried with the accessories and even giving her the more iconic blacck wig to help with this.

The manager had found a selection of dress shirts, bow ties, cummberbands and even a tailcoat that he specially saved for me for the window as I had previously mentioned the theme to him. This absolutely makes the window and gives a great reason for the man to be the central focus. I love the gold cumberband matching with the curtain behind. I found whilst doing this background a very effective way to loop the curtain so as to make it very secure whilst drapping well and easy to access the window through.

Overall I am pleased with the window, though I would steam the material beforehand to make it look a bit crisper and also just try and slighlty raise it all as it seems a bit low down.

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