Final Reflections

Final Reflections

For my own personal mental health and self-esteem this has been an incredible experience. I think for the first time I am really proud and pleased with something that I have created.

This made me realise that my decision to quit my previous degree had been the right one. It is something I have struggled with for the past five years since doing so and I finally now know 100% I was right. This event and the reaction from and family and friends, and especially a conversation with one from my previous degree, made me so confident and know that I have made the right choice in life now. This course and what follows from it are making me into the person I want to be.

After the event I have had so many great conversations about the exhibit, leading on to mental health and art. With a stranger on the bus, my diabetic consultant and family and friends who were unable to attend the event. It showed that there is a real need for this topic and area to be explored more. Everyone was really interested and the idea of having an open space for mental health in a busy city with such a relaxed atmosphere, with no need to book and no expectations from the audience. The informality and drop in nature was a real appeal, as well as it being non-directive, it was very easy going.

I still lack confidence in myself, I always think everyone else is better than me, or could do better. The fact that the university chose to put up a picture of my work on Instagram and how well it was received, receiving more likes than the majority of posts, gives me some confidence.

I really loved the teaching and the aspect of engaging with the public and can see myself doing something along these lines in the future. My favourite part was doing it with such a wide range of people and how no one had come expecting it. Also, everyone who did it left having gained a skill and in that confidence. I think this is something that I want to try and do more of, they have an under 24 craft group at the gallery which I am going to look into helping at.

I found that through this term I have been working very hard at and think I have improved, at the confidence to work in front of others and use the university. I still need to improve this but it is a good start.

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