2D and Appliques

2D and Appliques

I have found through doing the toys that I really enjoy working with crochet to make a 3D version of a 2D image, whilst keeping it looking as close as possible to the original image.

This is something that I really want to work on more. I have tried making a few appliques that I have seen.

I made a few hearts, which I plan on selling as little hugs on my shop straight away as they are very simple and sweet, and I really love making hearts.


I made a card for mothers day and also one for my dad with appliques on, though these do need work. I like the butterfly which I made for my mum’s card, it is a slightly adapted version of a pattern I found and I did not realise until over halfway through that it was double layered and could stand up. It did not go particularly well, though this was largely due to the yarn choice. When I altered the pattern so that it was only 2D I much preferred it. It takes longer than the heart, though is also much bigger. I really like the ‘picot’s, which is a technique which leads to the little sticky out corners.



The train I made for my dad is not something I  am keen on. I used a pattern for it that I thought was quite nice, though simple enough for me to follow. Once made though it did not look quite right, I had followed the pattern correctly. It looks more like a tractor. It was after staring at it for far too long that I realised the issue with it- it has too few wheels, it needs 3.

I think patterns could be useful for techniques and methods but I much prefer designing my own and adapting them. I also think that working form an original image is more effective, and makes it less likely to have issues like too few wheels.

The idea of appliques is one I like a lot, they are so versatile, it is possible to use them in so many ways- cards




Magnets etc,


With all the complications around handmaking toys I had the idea of leaving the crochet, not sewing on a back or stuffing it, but instead framing it. My sister keeps mentioning how much what she really likes the idea of is wall hangings, and I think that this could work. I am not very keen on crocheting solid blocks, it takes a surprisingly long time and a lot of yarn and is not particularly interesting. By having the interesting image from the children drawing and then having it on the material would eliminate the need to crochet the background and it is something I could imagine buying, it is very different whilst also being quite similar at the same time.


This also would give me the ability to work with other artists and to crochet their drawings and illustrations and crochet them into images. I had wondered about making appliques, suitable to sew onto clothing, but realised that to try and do most justice they would be too large. This is a really nice way around it. I am excited to test it and think that it may work well, it is definitely something I want to test, but I need to develop my skills a bit more beforehand so I can do them justice.


I definitely want to work in this method of crochet, I love how much you can do with crochet and all the complex shapes that are able to be created.

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