A moment of reflection

A moment of reflection

In keeping with our subject matter we chose to have ‘a moment of reflection’ rather than a feedback form.

We had a very good number of responses, 97, especially as we did not push people into doing one, though occasionally politley asked if they had the time. Judging from the amount of scent bags made and the proportion of people who took part in the activity I would conservatively guess that at least 500 people visited the exhibtion over the three days.

We had overall very little negative feedback, with only one silly response. People commented both on the issue and on the exhibitin. This showed us that it was not just viewed as ‘art’ but actually achieved what we wanted. People considered their own and others mental helath inspired by what they had seen and done.

The range of questions we had worked well, they were very easy to complete but could add comments if chose to, and we had ot left too much space. Occassionally it was a bit too little space for some comments.

All respondents felt as though the exhibit had eased there day in some from. Just 17.6% saying only a little bit. This is an amazing response and shows we succeeded with our aim and creating he correct atmosphere.

As a question ‘what is your takeaway from the event?’ was probably the least directive and unclear. This had the biggest range of responses and was interesing to read. We had realised this may be less clear as a question but left it as it opened up a range of responses. It also may have helped to get people start thinking about what they would put in the open response box.

It is really satisfying how many people said our event made them think differently, this is such a positive response. The slight decrease over the weekend is interesting as it shows the bias we will have received from friends and family.  But at over 70%, when most of the visitors were general public, our show obviously did have the impact we desired.

I found these results very unexpected. I assumed in this day most people would have found out via social media, but the response showed that most found out through friends, family and word of mouth. The response will have been skewed in that friends and family were more likely to fill in the forms for us, this can be seen in the number filled in on day 1. Even though the event was shared with many on fakebook the poster was credited as how more people found out. This may be as the poster was quite different and very gentle compared many we see, making it stand out more and exemplifying what our event was.

This question got a fantastic response. The main suggestions where either for the event to be larger or go on for longer which is a very positive reflection on peoples experience. The few improvement suggestions given on day one were acted upon for the next two days, these improvements included-

  • A clearer floor plan by putting markers on the floor
  • Having a chair for the Pause room for those with limited mobility
  • Ensuring that additional supplies were available for the activities

2/3 either left this blank or said there was nothing to improve.

Out of the third that said something else over half said they wanted it to be on for longer or for the event to be bigger.

The only other two issues raised was lighting, which we had not considered but had no control over and signage within the gallery. We did try to achieve this by putting leaflets at the front desk, but this is something we would have to consider if doing a future event.

In the open question at the end it was so lovely to read so many positive and encouraging responses about us a a group, the idea and the exhibition as a whole.

When writing the feedback form we made sure to not have a question asking opinions on a piece or to pick a  favourite but it was very lovely recieving positive comments in this section on my own work and interaction in this section.

The gallery asking us to extend the event was the icing on the cake, and the fact that they want to work with us again is just insane. The staff were encouriging and came and took part themselves. It was refreshing to be treated professionally and helped us work in that manner.

It was very positive that we helped found links between the gallery and the university and a great compliment that they would welcome us back again.

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