Acetate Test

Acetate Test

Due to the university and Temple Newsam both being shut due to Covid-19 there is very little I can do for the project. I am unable to see if there are even photographs that would be suitable for the project which is such a key element.


The only test that I can sort of test is how far away the cutting has to be to in the correct scale with the area it is meant to be placed. With this I have to print it on acetate, which I am thankfully still have a few sheets left from the art gallery event I can use. As acetate is different to the laser I tested to see whether I should print the inverse or the original image. Like I had predicted using the original image was the correct way with the printer.


I then printed the image of my grandad at 3 different sizes and then tried to match it up with my x and then measure how far away it needed to be to match. This was particularly useful as it gives me an idea of how far away the level of detail to still be effective that I could possibly have in the final cuts.

Whilst knowing this and realising the scale of detail available I can not really move the project further on. The project is much more an interesting use of technology and photography but being unable to use the technology or the photographs there is not anywhere for the project to go. Even if the photos were able to be accessed not being able to see them in situ, and where it would be possible to place a cutting there is little purpose in developing them.

So whilst I liked the idea with Covid-19 there is nowhere for this project to go forward, and whilst I have developed the technique and process as far as I can for the moment it is going to have to be left.

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