Alice Clayden

Alice Clayden


Alice Clayden is a Leeds based artist, who I first met at a craft club which she ran where I volunteer, and she works mainly with textiles. Alice runs many of whole community and charity art projects using textiles ,such as ‘What’s in a label’ at Left Bank Leeds

She came to mind whilst working on this unit because of the event which she ran at Leeds Light Night in 2017. Inspired by flax spinning she created a unique work that united communities. She built a frame that people French knit and finger knit from. On the night she taught these skills to many.

To thread the different communities together participants were asked to pin a thread leading from their knitting to a point on a map indicating where they came from.

I feel that this was an effective way to use knitting in an interactive piece as both the methods used are quite simple and not overly time consuming.

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