Anne Eunson

Anne Eunson

This is one of the first knitting artist that I discovered. I love the fact that she just wondered ‘if she could’ and tried a new idea out. She garden fence made out of strong twine, like fishing nets are made with, and using lace knitting on adapted curtain poles. I think it is excellent that this different but practical application of knitting is sos famous, it has been shared all over social media.

It challenges peoples perception of knitting and shows that there are still new things which can be done with it. I had assumed that it was done with wire as the piece looked so rigid.

Usually giant knitting produces something very basic or cosy. Using lace knitting changes the whole perception of this and is something would be interested intriguing. The concept of adapting everyday objects such as curatin poles, brooms or spades as knitting needles would be an interesting concept to explore.

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