Coffin making part 2

Coffin making part 2

I had made the coffin base and checked that all of the shelves fitted the heads in but had to leave it whilst still doing the papier-mache due to other commitments.

When I returned, I saw that the papier-mache was not sticking to the artboard ad peeling. It was also causing damage along the board’s edges by the moisture seeping into the paper over the foam. It was weaker rather than stronger by far than it had been before.

I made the decision to remove the brown paper and did some searching for what would be a better method. For sealing the gaps and making secure joints sealant seemed the best option available, with masking tape for additional support.
I tested the sealant out on some spare artboard and found it worked great, so used it around the rest of the coffin.

I then used a lot of masking tapes for additional support around the rest of the coffin. The damage caused by the papier-mache meant that the gaps had become quite large and so it felt worth being overly cautious.

I thought that the masking tape looked very effective and that once painted would give a slight woody effect and make the coffin look more rustic, less perfect and modern, than if just left as the artboard. 

I then painted the coffin. I was very glad that I had covered it in masking tape as the areas which were covered the paint applied to much better. I did the black paint first as I did not want any to drip onto the red areas after painting as it would be much harder to cover.

I used wall paint as it was such a large area to cover but with quite a few hard to reach areas and found that this worked great. I miked in some PVA around the final coat to give it a bit of shine and protection.

Around the edges of the coffin and shelves, I used UV light so that it would glow in the dark. I have used UV paint before, so know it takes a very thick layer to show up. I am not certain whether it will be able to absorb UV rays to glow once in the display. A lot of windows absorb most UV rays, and it is not in a particularly sunny location.

I was pleased with how the coffin turned out and think that it looks very effective and different.

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