Continuing the toys

Continuing the toys

I was particularly excited to make this unicorn as it was this little girl and her brothers who were part of my inspiration for doing the window and making the changes. I was really impressed by the drawing as the girl is only 6, I am certain her handwriting is better than mine. It was clear that it was her best drawing and her best effort, which really encouraged me to try and do it justice.

I found this not as difficult to follow than the rabbit for the complex shapes.  Think that this is a testament to my improving skill level with crochet. I did wonder about adding a mane, but it was noticeably clear she had not drawn one, and I think that it is important to keep it honest to their drawing. With the legs I made the two to be sewn on. With one of these, I went from bottom to top and the other side to side. It was when sewing up and reviewing after I realised how much better it is to make the legs side to side, as it is a better pattern through the crochet. I decided to have the wings be two separate flaps, that were not backed so that they can be flapped, This meant I had to make sure that neither had no loose ends anywhere, as normally I just sew the backing over the tails. I also really liked the little scalloped edges, I generally only use double crochet, but being able to do a few trebles was a nice little change.


I was a little bit nervous with this one, as it is based on the Very Hungry Caterpillar or ‘Kleine Raupe’ in German as they had labelled it. I wondered before about copyright law. I think that if the caterpillar did not have the hairy back then I may have had more questions about doing it, but as it is quite different anyway from the original, plus the magnificent hairs I made the judgement that it was close enough. I really enjoyed adding in all the hairs, which I did in the method used for tassels on a scarf. I think I may possibly have gone overboard but it looks very cool. The hair made it quite difficult to sew up, and it ended up losing more width from its body than they normally do, which is something I will have to consider in the future. It also made it very hard to pull through and turn the right way out at the end.




This dinosaur is so sweet, and in a way looks a little as though it has been drawn around a hand.  I found with this one that gave me real confidence and made me realise how much my method and system has improved since the start. I also with this one decided to test sewing up by cutting the felt into s similar shape after pinning it on backwards. I found that this gave a much better result, as the piece had more give at the back so was a better fit after stuffing. I had stopped when \i started doing it inside out as inside out alone was a much greater improvement than sewing around with the front-facing and did not think to combine the two until now. It was during the making of this one that I looked back and had to rearrange some of the other toys in the window. I realised that I had started to really overstuff the toys, so with this one put far less padding in.




This unicorn was done by the sister of the dinosaur drawer. I find it so interesting how similar some siblings seem to draw, as Jasmines and Poppy’s drawings are also quite similar, but with others, it is not the case.

I am probably most pleased with my result for this unicorn out of all the different toys which I have made. It is very clearly based on the girl’s drawings but is gentler, kinder and just overall a bit smoother. I also think that by having spent so long looking at it and working on it I understand it better. When I first looked I thought it had a huge bum and a weird lump, but as it went on what I thought was the strange bum was just the tail going out in all directions like a star, and the little lump was the bum. Changing the size of the hook I use to 3mm from 3.5 is very obvious with this one, the comparison between the white on the unicorn to the rabbit is massive, it also actually made the white better to work with. Whilst sewing this one up I decide to change from a simple overedging stitch to a blanket. This adds little time to the sewing, you just have to catch each stitch and makes no difference to the final appearance, but what it does do is greatly increase the strength of the bond between the crochet and the felt.

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