Crafts Day 13 to 18 Analysis

Crafts Day 13 to 18 Analysis

All items that are highlighted in dark blue have been sustainably sourced. This was an important aspect for me. Many of the items which were not sustainably sourced was due to COVID-19 making me unable to visit and purchase from environmentally friendly shops.





Day 13 – Robin

I had to iron hemming web between two sheets of jute so that tit did not fray and then it was very quick to cut out the shapes required from around a template. The difference in time to prepare compared to the mouse for a similar sewing one was startling, and made me notice how long the mouse took.

The robin appealed to more ages and looked more sustainable. It was effective in its simplicity. It was quite simple to sew and was a good size, it was not very fiddly. It could easily go on a tree every year or even just a house decoration all year. It works well as a kit and would also work as an adult activity somewhere. It could also be sold as an item; it is a genuinely nice overall design. It is effective in its simplicity and for a low skill level gives a very effective result.


  • 6 sold which was a decent amount and it is one that I could sell well online.


Day 14 – Post-box

As soon as the stamps where sorted into the right colours it was very quick to put together but sorting them initially took a while. This was the main bit of preparation and by knowing how man stamps where available it let me know how many jars and all the other elements to prepare at most.

This craft is suitable for all ages though h it does look quite mature with the stamp usage. I do not think that I would do such a tall jar as it required a lot of stamps again, but a shorter jar or bowl would be very cool, especially any that may possibly be able to hold a real tealight safely.


  • None of these sold which I was not surprised by. Having really liked the idea it did not look as good when it came to fruition and looked more like a jar. You could not see it had a tealight in and it was too tall for the tealight. I had liked the idea of making a post-box out of stamps, but it was too abstract.



Day 15 – Star


Making each CD into a star shape increased the preparation time by a huge amount. It was quite hard to just cut the CDS down to shape due to needing to find a balance between still being soft and not being too hot. Because I had cut the CD I also had to sand and smooth down the edges and then cut out the star shape for the back for each star. The actual painting of just the CD was very quick, and if I kept it a circle shape then it would be extremely fast to prepare. It also looks better in person than in photos due to it reflecting lights.

It works well with a lot of ages, as it all depends on what you design on the CD. It is one I could imagine being surprisingly popular as a workshop. The recycled nature by using old CDS and the simplicity of just black paint makes it a very accessible activity yet quite novel. Sgraffito was used by the Ancient Greeks and this could be a fun activity to do in a school using them as an influence as the design on the CD can be anything, and it is quick and cheap to prepare.

  • 6 sold which was more than I had assumed would, these came from Instagram, as it did not stand out well in the window, it blended into the background, which was a real shame.


Day 16 – Nativity


This one took far too long to prepare. Punching in all the holes so that they lined up correctly took me about an hour for each kit. As it is using recycled nativity cards that vary in size it was not even possible to make a template to follow exactly. I could not have made any fewer holes or it would not have held together.

I absolutely loved the look of this one and think it was a brilliant way to make a simple nativity scene. For one person to make there own it works great, but after that it is far too much time to prepare compared to making. I think that it could be simplified and have the edges suck together with tabs around the sides rather than by being sewn. This would greatly reduce preparation time but may not look as distinctive. Maybe even using push pins or staples could look effective and be faster to produce. It is one you need to plan for in advance, and even ask others to save cards for you as I ran out of old Nativity cards which limited the supply.

  • I sold 4 of these though more were wanted but I did not have any more nativity cards. I also had to explain to people that the image would be different, but still of a nativity which definitely made it harder to sell.




Day 17 – Sledge


From my developing experience I had simplified this one as much as I could to make it quick to prepare and still looked effective. Having minimal preparation for everything but the main sledge made it one of the best to prepare.

This completely converted me to gummed paper, it is much fun to use and really bright and colourful. Not having to use any glue and such a tiny amount of water is incredibly useful for at other occasions. If I had known about it I would have used it for my craft activity at the art gallery last year as it would have been perfect. It gives a highly effective results for the skill level required. It works well with more geometric and abstract designs, less well with set shapes, it is more for decorating than designing.

The sledge rocking made it more fun, but it was a mixture of being too large and detailed for the gummed paper. In the future I would probably paint the sledge first and then leave it to be decorated.


  • 5 sold which was more than I expected as it was close so close to Christmas, but it was a simple yet different craft, and it included specific craft items people might not have known about.




Day 18 – Christmas present


It took a surprisingly long time to prepare. Cutting out the net was simple but curling ribbon was not easy to work with. In comparison to cutting yarn it too an insane amount longer, which I had not expected. I had thought it would be very quick to prepare but sound it took me more time than it was worth.

This activity was very fiddly and quite confusing. It would have to be an adult activity. I think it was a nice idea but I do not think I would repeat it. I like the idea of making a little gift box and of weaving but do not think that the two gelled together well. It was very effective but I think better result could be achieved in a simpler manner.


  • Selling 2 was more than I had expected to for this kit, but as a wrapping for a Christmas present I suppose it could be cute and reused after.
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