Crafts Day 7 to 12 Analysis

Crafts Day 7 to 12 Analysis

All items that are highlighted in dark blue have been sustainably sourced. This was an important aspect for me. Many of the items which were not sustainably sourced was due to COVID-19 making me unable to visit and purchase from environmentally friendly shops.


Day 7 – Sledge

This was a very quick kit, possibly the quickest to put together. I left the pegs whole so that people could see where they came from. I had to add the rosemary just beforehand to each kit so that it would be fresh, if lots of the kits where required it would be hard to get enough rosemary that was thick enough.

This one was too small for the window and as craft took too long. PVA takes a long time to dry but I was unable to give a stronger or a quicker drying glue in the kits or suggest them due to how small the matchsticks and mini pegs are. It looks great but is only suitable to be made at home as a decoration or fancy gift presentation.

  • 2 of these sold and I am glad about this, as I do not think it was a good one for people to do. Though it does look incredibly good at least.






Day 8 – Christmas Pudding

Making the cardboard pom-pom makers took quite a bit of time. If I was to ever do this with a group I would invest in the plastic makers as they are worth the time saved and can be reused many times, especially higher quality ones.

Pom-poms are a fun craft for many ages, but the main issue is patience. It is very repetitive and can take a long time so many do not see the point. I think it is a common craft activity. It worked well in the window as people bought it as it was there, but it is not particularly special compared to other kits out there. You can get pretty decent small pom-pom makers in Poundland and I think after I’d made one, I would want to get a proper pom-pom maker. I think demonstrating and explaining how to make them would be better.

  • I sold 5 which I regretted how long the kits took me to make during and it made me see that the crafts did not have to be too different than others already out there to do well.








Day 9 – Reindeer


This took quite a long time to make, though I did try and make it a simple shape to cut around whilst still being recognisable. The main issue I had was having to cut around the shape at least 3 times for each of the 4 body pieces and then stick together. I considered whether I should give it with a template and then the card to card and paper to cut around but this would be too much work for the one pack.

It is a much more adult craft and looks really sophisticated. I love the elegance of it and the way it contrasted next to the Rudolph craft showed the variance in skill level for the crafts involved. It is a more mature craft, maybe start of secondary school as earliest, but then suitable for everyone after that. The quilling paper I used was far thicker and heavier, plus the glitter on it, made it need more glue and take a long time to dry, making this kit only suitable for at home, but with normal quilling paper a glue stick could be used and the craft would be great at an adult craft club.


  • 3 of these reindeer sold but it was one that I received some of the most positive feedback about, I think location was why it did not sell more as it was mostly child friendly packs which sold well.









Day 10 – Penguin


I was surprised that people did not know you could make your own play dough, and it so cheap and quick. This was a very easy to prepare, the hardest bit was cleaning label off the jar

A craft for younger children, but I think most people are surprised by how old people who want to still play with play dough are. It works well as a craft for young children to be left alone with and can be fun for a few children to play with. It is fun thing to do at home, the decorating of the jar is quite simple, and the play dough is really all it is about. It would not be worth sending via post as the jar is so heavy. If I were to run an activity, I would use salt dough so that it could be kept.


  • 7 of these kits sold which was great, for how many sold they sold they took the least overall prep time and cost little to produce.



Day 11 – Gingerbread Man


It took me longer than I had expected to prepare the sewing canvas for each of the gingerbread men than I had initially thought it would and it was extremely easy to mess up when cutting them out. The yarn was easy to prepare but I also had to spend a long time trying to find any plastic bodkin which would fit in the gaps as eyes where much larger than metal ones.

I think my example made it so that it looked as though it was only suitable for much older people than the ages that could do it. I did sew in plastic canvas with wool at age 5, and whilst nowhere near as good as my example it still looked decent. Having more examples would make it appeal to more ages. I got carried away as I enjoyed doing it, and I am competent at sewing. It was more of a project than a quick kit, people could spend a long time on it if they so desired.  I think it was a lovely kit.


  • 5 sold which felt right for this craft, and I think the preparation time and cost was about right for this kit.


Day 12 – Mouse

Far too long to prepare. I fell in love with a look and did not focus on the practicality of having to produce it for a pack. It had lots of little bits which all needed to be accurate. Cones are far harder to work with than I had remembered and seemed to never fully work.



It is such a lovely item once made and lasts beyond the Christmas season. I wat to work on a way of slightly improving the overall quality, and maybe use a laser cutter for the felt shapes, so that I could sell it as a slightly more expensive kit as it is so sweet. It appeals more to girls as it wears a dress, and I love how it can change it, but this make it more female orientated. Adaptations could be made to make it more gender neutral or a male outfit but there were only two packs that made women, and with the other male characters in the window I think it was okay in the context.


  • I sold 4 of these and I think that they had the most variation in them. They are one of the best and longest lasting outcomes but need to be produced faster
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