Day 19 to 24 Analysis

Day 19 to 24 Analysis

All items that are highlighted in dark blue have been sustainably sourced. This was an important aspect for me. Many of the items which were not sustainably sourced was due to COVID-19 making me unable to visit and purchase from environmentally friendly shops.


This period was also affected greatly by Yorkshire Water digging up the drains outside and leaving barriers outside the window for 8 days from the 20th. This stopped people from walking near and being able to see the window. It was not something I could have foreseen and none of the shop keepers knew it was going to happen.



Day 19 – Elf

I had to prepare the pegs in advance so that the paint would dry. Most of my pegs had flat tops which made them much easier to paint but the round headed ones needed a lot of support when drying. It contained a lot of little bits which made it a bit of a faff to get ready, but it was not infuriating like some others with lots of bits.

I loved the look of the elf and received many compliments on his sweet face. He was one I think that worked best as a kit, as it contained a lot of parts which could easily get lost if multiple people where making him at the same time or going past quickly. The tabard dress/outfit was a great method of doing this and didn’t lead to any unsightly gatherings. As a way of making peg dolls I really liked it, it was simple yet looked  very effective, I think combining in ways with the fircone fairy it would work well.


  • 4 of these sold and I think had it gone in the window earlier it would have sold more. I had left it late as it took me ages to find any design or method I liked for the elf and I am glad I did wait, as he is so cute.


Day 20 – Snowman


This one was so easy to prepare and was an extremely sweet kit. It was the one which used the most new items and this did not sit very well with me, even though they were sustainably sourced. The socks where also quite expensive as an element of the pack, but I decided that the sustainable pack was worth the difference.

This was quite an expensive kit to produce compared to most of the others, mostly due to all the new items. It works well as a quick kid craft and looked great for the required skill level. It would be quite fun to o with a few people at once, especially of different skill levels, and to see the different expressions they could create with such simple faces.

  • 4 sold which was a big surprise for me, I had thought that they were unlikely to sell and basic, so to sell so many this close to Christmas was a nice surprise. He was ridiculously cute.





Day 21 – Poinsettia


It was simple to prepare, even though it was a few different materials it was mostly just putting them together

I was not keen on the look of this one really, and it was awfully expensive overall as a kit to make as it required both a pot of glue and one of paint. With the cost of the pot as well it was not an economically viable kit. It was a different way to make a flower and worked okay for a poinsettia but there are better ones out here. It had to be at angle to look good which made it only work really in the window or in photographs and would not in normal life. I loved the pot but want to find a better way to make a poinsettia.


  • None of these sold which I was not surprised by as it was not a great method. I was grateful in a way as iI had not costed it well and it was an expensive kit to make.






Day 22 – Polar Bear

Very easy for me to prepare as it was mostly just weighing out a few ingredients and then mixing. Able to make a large mix and then store indefinitely in the fridge until needed

It uses common household ingredients, so it does not work the best as a kit when you have to add oil, water and cook for a few hours. I think it would work great as a cheap alternative to clay at a workshop or event. It is much more forgiving than clay and can easily be coloured if desired. I found a better recipe in an old Usborne book than the one I used for my own polar bear. The book contained a lot more useful information and made better dough than the blog. It is clearly well practised and built upon lots of experience and you can feel it as you read.


  • 2 sold which I think was more as people do not necessarily know what it is made from or how to make salt dough themselves.



Day 23 – Snowflake

I can tell as the project moved along that I made the crafts easier to prepare, and I think this one was to easy.

I liked the way the way of winding the yarn around the sticks but the craft overall needed some more sparkle, maybe some sequins, beads or stickers would have given it more character and made it into a better craft. The wool winding  in that manner I have done before as an activity that was really well received and liked, but changing it from lots of colours and a square into plain white and a hexagon lost a lot of the charm and fun. Maybe more yarn colours or leaving gaps in the winding could have worked but this one fell a bit flat.


  • None of these sold and I was not surprised, I had left it to the end as I had been really struggling to find a good idea and I do not think I found one.






Day 24 – Father Christmas


It took multiple coats of paint for me to cover the pop-up ball which also took a long time to dry, it didn’t take long to do but it needed a few days in order to be prepared.

It works as a kit best as you need to be able to knit and purl, though after that it is basic and quick. It is most likely to appeal because of it all being ready prepared together than the quality of the kit. He is extremely cute and works well with both adults and children.



  • I did not sell any of these, but I wonder if I would have had he entered the display earlier, but I thought Father Christmas coming on Christmas eve was a sweet idea. It also is the only kit where a very specific skill is required, which drastically reduces the possible audience.


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