Day of Event

Day of Event

Most of the event was already set up with everything ready except for the pipes of piece which had proved far more difficult to assemble then had been expected.

I brought with me some painting sheets for on the painting table in the centre of the gallery. Viktorija and Aishah had chosen mountain themed sheets to fit in with the poste. I checked to make sure that they were free access and also a altered there size before printing.

It was not until we were just about to open that we found out from the gallery that we were not allowed to photograph people in the exhibit. If we did we would need permission fro the person in  the photograph. This is something we should have checked beforehand but with this information we were able to plan around it. Before the gallery opened we made sure to take lots of photos and a few 360° images. It was allowed for us to use photos of people who we knew or were related to, or if the persons face was not in shot. Throughout the day we made certain to get many images that we could use. We were fortunate that many of our pieces had some form of recording feedback, such as the stickers or simply how many bags went so we still get an understanding of how many people came.

We opened at 10am, which as we had already been told, was quite quiet. A few family and friends came early but more started coming through around lunchtime. We did have a constant flow of people throughout the day, with a wide range of visitors. A lot of people from our course and university came to the event as well as friends. An art group that was being held in the room next to the artspace all came round and had a look at the different pieces as well as many who where just visiting the gallery. People where very interested and engaged with the activities.

I really enjoyed teaching the French knitting and had many positive comments about it. It is an activity that can take quite a while and some people stayed for a very long time whilst others only a few minutes. People of all ages and abilities took part, some just to remember And prove that they could. A lot of those who had done French knitting in the past took inspiration from the idea of putting wire inside as something they could do with it themselves.

I could not discuss the piece as much as I would have liked as I was pretty much always occupied at my table. I could watch people interested in my piece, and see how touched it, moved the words and discussed it. I heard quite a few people wonder if it had been done by a machine but realise that it was by hand from viewing the back and being impressed. I also had a few people ask me how it was standing up as it looked like an illusion in a way.  I did discuss the piece with some people as they knitted and talked about the therapeutic nature of knitting and how they relaxed and destressed to keep everything going back to the theme.

At 4pm we were asked by the gallery to keep the exhibit open over the weekend. We had to make sure that there were enough of us available to keep it up over the time which thankfully there was, as we needed at least 4 of us each day. This also meant we could keep the exhibit open an extra hour. This allowed for more who had just been at the gallery to find our exhibit. It also allowed for guests I had invited before we had changed the time to come and see the exhibit after work which I was incredibly thankful for.

Once the gallery was shut and we had tidied everything that we needed to for tomorrow we looked through the feedback forms. We paid attention to the feedback that suggested improvements we could implement, the main one which we already where as it was to keep the exhibit open longer. Other improvmeents where also able to be implemented-

  • We found a stool for those who were not able to sit down on the bean bags in the Notice exhibit. It was also decide to keep the stool out of the room and bring it in if required as the room we did not want people to sit as it was not how it’s intended to be experienced.
  • We also improved signage and placed more posters and fliers around the museum
  • It was suggested we had a more floor plan and we hoped that this feedback was from earlier in the day as we had the spotted the issue and placed markers on the floor during the day to act as a simple guide path.

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