Designing the crafts

Designing the crafts

I started looking through books and blogs to gain ideas for what to items and craft activities I could use in the window display. I made lists that I kept coming back to and altering to find the best ideas I could.


I tried to use books, especially some older ones to gain ideas for the crafts as they often contained some that were very different to others I had seen on the internet and I doubt others would have as well. I also tried to mix ideas up as much as I could so that they were my own unique crafts.

I could not find all my ideas just from books and created a Pinterest board for ideas as well


I loved using these as a springboard for inspiration. I saw snowman slime and loved the concept, but slime requires chemicals to make which are not safe for young children. It also is incredibly difficult to clean up if it touches the wrong surface. I changed the idea to be homemade playdough, which is all basic kitchen ingredients and much less sticky. The alliteration of snowman slime had been appealing, and when I had the idea to change to playdough penguin knew instantly that was the craft.



Here are some examples of the process I went through for each craft, finding ideas, planning my design and then testing. From the tests I was able to make improvements and see what any problems there were in the crafts. Sometimes it meant I had to completely restart whilst others I simply changed as I went along.



Some of the ideas also completely changed once I had attempted the crafts. Either by realising that they were too complicated, not very effective or would cost too much to be put in a pack. Below are some of the first attempts as well as some of the initial ideas that never progressed.







Quite a lot of the packs required a template or jig to be made. These were used as a guide so that each craft pack would be the same.


These are some of the examples, such as the star shape for the CD, the template for the candystik jig and the body of the reindeer.




I made a list of all the different items and the crafts/materials they used. It was a very diverse list that hopefully had an activity that would appeal to everyone.



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