Dress up and Party Commission and Brief

Dress up and Party Commission and Brief

I was asked by the manager at a local fancy dress shop to design for them a Halloween window. The manager asked due to seeing my work at Sue Ryder and thinking it was very good. They had had a previous person but did not think much of her.


I am unsure on whether I want to go into window dressing anymore due to sustainability being such a key part of my life. I thought this would be a great chance to try it out with different aims and materials and see how it goes.

The brief is for a Halloween window, using as much stock from the shop as is possible. Want it to be a spooky and scary window. They want to give me lots of freedom and see what I would do, so long as it fits the shop.

Cannot put makeup in as it will melt.

Have 1 child mannequin, 2 male (one headless) two female dress mannequins and 1 female one. They have a lot of heads and skulls. Mannequins can wear shoes.

Loads of different items with the shop, already have cobwebs.

Has a back wall that I can cover, has hooks in. they are not keen on the strip spotlights but one of them is able to make lights for in whatever way I would like for the display.


Want to try and get as much stock in as possible,  show what they have off, I can get props but to prefered if they are items that they sell in the shop as much as possible. Like if I use the Mad Hatter dress I would put a large pocket watch in her hand, not a bought teacup.


Having a headless mannequin but loads of heads gives the great opportunity to do a handless ghost as an initial idea.

The base has green astroturf along the front which is slightly scruffy from the outside at the edges so some form of border would be good. Said I could if I wanted to paint it I could. Think graveyard style fence might work quite well with it.


Have many outfits and wigs, asked about outfits, basically have free range of anything in the shop, could even use multiple outfits on one mannequin if required.


Want it spooky and lots of stock in it, not gory as don’t want complaints. It is a big window, about double SR and it is all new stock which doesn’t have to be able to be removed which should give much more freedom.


The window is …..deep, with a ledge that is ….. wide and xyz high, which the mannequins can stand on. It has a back wall that can have a backdrop or items hung from, they have plenty of netting and some black material that would be good for a backdrop. The back does look tire so it would work best if it was covered. The sidewall is at an angle and I need to make sure that looks good as people mostly see that when walking up the street.


They offered that I can have help on the day from other staff which may be useful due to height, though they do have a stool and in such a small space social distancing would be very difficult.

They want the window to be done soon due to how close Halloween is.  There is a lot of ideas I have and directions I could go.

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