Final Animals

The final few


Hennies was such an incredible drawing; I was completely blown away, especially by her age. I did the body first, using a mottled yarn in the hope it would give the curly effect from her drawing. It did not. I had decided to make the body square and then do a border for the curls around the edges, as these were so small and curved. This did work well. Once I had finished all of the body and head, I then had to do the curls. I used dark brown yarn and sewed little spirals all over the body base. This method was very successful and added so much to the final piece; I was really glad I decided to do it. The eyes managed to go quite bogeyed, which was frustrating. I think it was too many layers on top of each other, which I made sure not to do again, three layers max. I had great fun making the collar and bows, as I decided that they should be removable. This decision did add quite a bit of work, which at times I resented, the learning and final result made it worth it. I had never made buttonholes before, so figuring out how to was interesting, and not as difficult as I had expected. I also have a lot of buttons and was excited about picking which ones to use. I had some perfect pink heart-shaped buttons for the bows though sadly one broke. Instead, I used some little sparkly round ones, which is probably a better button shape, as I used a flower-shaped one on the collar, and that is very awkward to get through the hole.

The lion ended up being the final design I finished, as I found incredibly infuriating. I was so glad that I had already said that these were the final drawings I was doing. It turns out an uneven mane is terribly time-consuming and just hard. Every row had to be checked continuously against the picture with changes at every end. The first attempt I had at the mane went so terribly I had to start again, which did not help with the frustration it caused. I had not realised until making it how hard it would be, thinking it would be an easy one. I did the mane as a solid piece of one colour and sewed the face on top. Spikes I knew do not work well with backing, as the points get lost in it. Due to this I decided to do a border on the mane, and leave it sticking out. The plan had been to sew yellow felt on the back, matching with the face. As it had no legs or body, I realised that it would be fine to use the mane as the back, if anything better as it makes it softer and the only crocheted element is quite sweet.

The dinosaur by Marley was very simple and quite round. Due to this, I decided to experiment with it. Rather than doing it as a 2d design and sew on a back, as I had done with the rest, I instead decided to make it a solid 3d object. Creating the toy through this method only works for how simple the design was. I did complicate it for myself a little as I chose to add legs and a tail and make the egg a separate entity which is removable. Though I stand by this decision, and the whole toy was so simple, and a bit smaller than normal, it didn’t make it take that much longer. I enjoyed making this one, it was so different from the others, and the change was very welcome. I struggled a bit trying to get the face to match up on both sides and am not certain how well I did manage that. I want to make myself a little one I think, I like the design, and I loved getting to do a few different stitches and techniques, such as the spikes and curves on the egg.

Overall I loved the making the creatures, especially the variations in them all and the wide variety of ages. I do think that I should have ended the project a bit sooner, as I needed more differences in what I was making and was frustrated by the end making them, as I wanted to try new ideas.

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