First paid animal

First paid animal

I was messaged by one of the parents whose child had drawn an image for the rainbow.

I told her that it would be £30. I had set this price on my shop and was quite nervous about going free to being so much. She happily agreed to the price and sent me an image.

I made sure that the unicorn was extremely high quality, with many around me not understanding the child’s picture until after I had created the toy. Minor details like having multiples of 3 for the main and tail so it could be plaited evenly were choices I made.

It was harder to work from the photo than an image as it was not the highest quality and the pale colours where hard to see.

I could tell how much my processes and ability had improved since my first creation. I am glad I did a lot of practice as I feel confident now knowing how to approach different designs.


She was very happy with the final product. As it was so popular the project had continued over the summer and I needed to put this on hold whilst I focused on my next projects and briefs. It is a very time-consuming activity and whilst I love it it took over all my creative time.



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