George Barratt-Jones

George Barratt-Jones

These artists, George Barratt- Jones and Damien Ludi & Colin Peillex, both created two different interactive machines that allowed the public to knit without learnign any knitting skills. Instead they just have to use basic movements.

Ludi and Peillex created a rocking chair which produces a hat whilst you sit there rocking. Barratt-Jones developed a bicycle which knits a scarf as you peddle.

I love the concept of anything that makes people view knitting ‘differently’. Not only in how it is done, but in where they are located- the bike was at a train station. I love the simplicity of the way it gets people involved and how changing the technique removes the stigma that knitting is a womens activity.

Along with his other quirky art street instalations such as the First Class Bus Stop, he brings art to the people with humour, making it more accesible to anyone. He also puts his art in public, not a gallery, trying to remove the stuff and intellectual stigma art can have.

The chair by Ludi and Peillex is clearly clever technically but it is less artistic, and produces a lower quality product, with less fun.

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