Overview of retro stitcher

Overview of retro stitcher

Over this semester I have developed a brand, with a set identity and look which I am maintaining over various sites. I have been focusing on making sure that all I am putting out is up to a high standard and is work which will be proud to sell. I plan on developing more items to stock in the future and with further practice but now have the platforms, identity and understanding of how to develop this. I have also started looking at things from a more business-orientated perspective as I develop them, especially selling price to overheads and time ratios.

At the moment my shop only has the scrunchies and face scrubbies. I am planning. These items are lower cost, on-trend, high demand items will get the ball rolling on my shop and reviews giving it more visibility for your high ticket, one of a kind custom items that would pull the most revenue. These are not cost-effective but essential to get my business noticed in the early days. They also use up otherwise wasted yarn and can be completed during commutes and break times requiring no concentration, so can be an effective use of the time that can easily be wasted.

The toys are the items which will sell for the most, but before I am able to sell them I need to do the required safety tests before I can sell them. I know have a good understanding and ability to create the toys accurately and well out of crochet so as soon as I have the CE marks I will have these to sell.


It is only through the toys that I realised I particularly enjoy working with 2D images in crochet. I have made a few different appliques and been looking at ones that available. They seem like a very viable option but still need a lot of development and designing before I feel confident enough to sell them.

This how my website looks overall, I am so pleased with how it looks and think that it is perfect for my brand identity.


I have set up my Instagram and have started using it but really need to push with it, I have done this in the past but at the moment my focus has been mostly on forming my identity and the items to be in the shop.

My Etsy is still quite bare at the moment because i have been working on making the products I offer high quality and well designed. I am unable to add the toys as I have not tested them yet, but they should be coming within the next few weeks.




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