Rainbow Animal Updates

With some of the last few animals I have crocheted, they followed the guide I had come up with, with little variation. The crocodile, cat, dinosaur, shark and pig followed this system. The only adjustments being frequently using two pieces of felt that overlap for the back rather than just one. This made it much easier to sew up and stuff, as it allowed for better access. I also used some nicer yarn I had for the shark. The difference in the quality of yarn makes a huge difference to the final overall appearance and makes crocheting much more pleasurably and faster for me. The issue is this yarn costs a lot more, is not available in such a wide arrange of colours and is very different from other brands, so you can’t mix them.

I was very excited to by the idea of Oscar’s owl as I thought the idea of having a pocket in the toy was brilliant. The detail of the drawing and the giant eyebrows were so much fun. I had to google what colour Eagle Owl eyes are as this detail was lost through having been sent the image online, rather than in person. The loss of detail is something that I need to look into when selling the toys, as I would be most likely to receive the pictures online, and some of the photos I sent of drawings were so low quality it was hard to follow.

The owls pocket was a very exciting idea for me. I wanted to make it so that the wings could separate and join together again somehow. I made the ‘tiny owl’ first so that I had a guide for how large the wings needed to be, as well as the whole owl. I had to try multiple different methods to figure out how to get the wings to attach to each other. Velcro was my first thought, but it does not go well with yarn and would and up roughing up the area around it too much. I tried magnets as they could be completely invisible. I had slight concern over safety, but these turned out to not be necessary as none of the magnets I have were strong enough to attract through the material. I searched my haberdashery boxes for other options and found I had a few poppers and hooks and eyes. These were all too small, and the poppers would stand out too much. I had pretty much given up hope when my sister gave me a skirt hoop, which was absolutely perfect, the hook even looks like one of the stripes when the wings are open. I sewed the skirt hoop very securely, as I did not want it coming off. I also made it quite tight, as whilst crochet does not drop as much as knitting it still has some give, and tiny owl needs to be safe.

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