Rainbow Updates

Rainbow Updates

As lockdown seems as though it is going to continue for at least a while longer I am still updating and adding to the window display. The most recent addition of a beautiful unicorn by Jemima is possibly my favourite, and I am loving how the window is starting to look so fun. The animals are definitely not social distancing.

I still have been getting drawings through the door but it is fewer than previously. As the lockdown seems to be getting slightly less strict, especially with the concept of schools possibly reopening soon, I think this may increase people who go past the window, but I have done no online promotion yet. I am currently working on a brilliant owl which I was sent via the Facebook page and have 2 more drawings after that, so it is not as though I am running out. It has been a pretty consistent submission rate so far and that helps make the children not have to wait for too long.

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