Reflecting on my piece

Reflecting on my piece

Overall, I am very happy with the outcome of my piece, it was a successful interpretation of my aims.

It was aesthetically pleasing, and the display method was very attention grabbing and intriguing. It was the correct height for most audience members and looked flexible, as though it had life and was not rigid. Having the poles not completely stretch the material was a great way to make it carry the movement more.

The piece managed to stimulate discussions in a broad variety of areas, the technique, the words chosen, art versus craft, creative outlets for mental health, my growth as a person and an artist, women’s art and even just the display method.

It was very positive that people touched and interacted with the piece. I am very confident with the medium I chose and noticed an incredible improvement in my skills that I would never have believed myself capable of before.

My piece fitted in with the gallery space, and the use of white plinths was correct, in some other places the variety of colours could have led it to not stand out as well but I designed it for the space, which also why it was such a large piece.

My idea of having the back a mess did not necessarily convey the meaning that I intended it to but it was better having it messy as it showed people that it was definitely handmade and personal which ma not have been as obvious if perfect.

The few negatives I have I could improve if I was to do it again and are not enough to disrupt the piece.

The main change I would make would be to use a different colour for ‘unplug’ as it was difficult tot read but there was not the time to change the colour and order a different one in the timeframe.

I would have swapped the words ‘create’ and ‘smile’ around as I had thought that create would be most prominent in the position it was but through the display method it became most hidden and ‘smile’ the most prominent.

Whilst the plinth for the jumble of words was about right it would have been improved by being 10cm bigger in one direction just to give the words a bit more space. The words were also a little but thin maybe, I am still debating on whether they would have been better using more stitches in the cord to make them wider, but then they would then be far wider than the words in the knitted piece and they are already bigger overall. The benefit of having the words be slightly difficult to read meant that more people interacted and picked up the words which would not have happened otherwise.


One thing I had been worried about was that the word ‘breathe’ was too close to the bottom of the piece, but found that once displayed it worked better that way, probably better than if I had left more rows before starting the word.


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