Saturday and Sunday

Saturday and Sunday


Before getting to the gallery on Saturday more bags for the scent area needed to be purchased. We had run out near the end of the day before and were unable to order more of the same cotton bags. I managed to find the night before a shop which we would be able to buy similar sized organza ones nearby the gallery. I bought a few more for Sunday as we were starting to run low but did not expect as many visitors as on previous days.

The visitors on these days were far more from the general public, with only a few being those we had invited but were unable to attend on the Friday. Those that came tended to be more families than previous days, with there being a lot more children. I found many of the people over the weekend either went around very fast or stayed in the area for a much longer time than on Friday and were more interested in the activities. Saturday was constantly busy, but Sunday was a lot quieter, especially in the morning. I was very happy with the amount who came and it als showed how much our advertising had worked.

On the Saturday two children reacted very strongly to the scented oils and the mother was clearly very anxious. A little girl had reacted earlier, but the father had said it was her entirely. I talked with the mother and when she said it was cinnamon oil, which was the same as the girl earlier, I removed the oils. She was wondering why there was not warning but I explained we had done research, that was why some were kept aside for over 10’s only, and nothing had come up about it. I think having the separate oils but also the real concern and action I showed was very reassuring to her and showed we took it seriously.

On Sunday we could not get the monitors to work and after hours of trying we decided it would be better to engage with the audience. It was incredibly noticeable how much emptier the space felt and made us realise how well balanced the event had been before, without any of the elements it would not have been anywhere near as successful.

It was harder over the weekend, especially on Sunday as there were fewer of us able to man the events. I had to often interact at different areas and direct members of the group to spread out.

I was also very pleased as a man commented on the needles I had used in my piece, saying I was very fancy as they are very recognisable in stitch crafts and are known as being expensive. It showed that knitters would approve of the piece.

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