SEO- Gaining Rank

SEO- Gaining Rank

I had a video talk with the web developer who hosts my blog to learn more about SEO (search engine optimisation) and what I need to do to improve my blog.


As your website is WordPress based. Your best bet is to take advantage of the WordPress plug-ins.


WordPress Plugins

Yoast or Rank Math

What these do is allow you the target the post at ranking for that term.  They then cover all the basics you need to do, such as post length and keywords mentions. Just follow the bullet points in rank math attempt to get 90-100 out of 100. While no guarantee you will rank for it you will be in the correct start.

I have yoast on my blog now to see what to do.


Rough Ranking Guide

Try to get links from other related websites, such as knitting forums.

Aim at .gov / .edu websites. these generally tell google to rank these websites

Speed up post being indexed by using google webmaster tools

Attempt to share text with other blogs that might be interested, and If they post about you by you suppling them some text this can help you

Share your work on Instagram, and use the alt tag section of Instagram with keywords


Adding alt text will help the images rank on google and also is important for accesibity.


Ranking comes mostly from text being almost perfect for the keyword

Alt texts do help, but 90% of all ranking is the content

Doing all these steps will normally push you from say 30th place to top 10



At the bottom of each post is a traffic light system saying what is good and the problems in the post. All the points will have links to appropriate posts on which can give more guidance if needed and explain why that helps.



Making sure to try and follow this guidance and information should make my posts rank higher. The more I do it the easier it will become to remember what to do and how to.


This information is so useful, and I have been trying to integrate it into more of my posts, mostly those which are of final pieces as they are the ones that I want to be seen by more people.

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