Setting up my piece

Setting up my piece

The first step was to postion my plinths and drill holes in the top of the taller one for the poles. The taller plintch had no back which was incredibly useful as it meant that I was able to easily access inside to tighten the nuts around the poles which I do not know how I would have been able to reach if it was solid.

Once the poles where secured in place I threaded the piece onto them using the natural channel that came from the coloured border. I had to alternate every 5cm with which side was being threaded for ease of getting it on and so none fell of the top when doing the other side. Once in place I balanced the needles on the top of the poles before using strong hot glue to secure them in place. I also put a very small dab near the tips of the needles so that the stitches could not fall off.

I moved on to the wire words after this was complete. I checked that all of the words spelt correctly and still in shape. I realised at this point that the words where very easy to bend and if touched would be unlikely to keep there shape for the whole event. To solve this issue I had to use the hot glue to join the wire wherever they touched within a word. This took quite a lot of time which I had not plannned for, if I had realised earlier I would have sewn the wire together in place which would have had a smoother and more polished finish.

The words where intended to be able to be moved and touched but a few needed to be secured to the plinth as to form a base. I carefully went through the words and found those that did not have a decender, as that would be a hinderence when trying to glue down. I was very grateful that I had  three words which fit this category as it was not a consideration when choosing the words. I arranged the 3 words before glueing them in placce, hoping for a pleasing but useful arrangement.

Next I sewed the end of the french knit word to the back of the knitted piece at the point at which the corresponding yarn changed colour. I inserted the crochet hook a few centimetres down the icord and pushed it out the end. I then used the hook to latch the knot from the join and pull it through the cord. I then removed the hook and precicely sewed the cord to the back of the piece, trying to emulate the knit stitch before binding off. I repeated this for all 10 words, arranging the words on the plinth before begining to sew. This was done in situ so that I could direct where the tail went between the word and the piece as it would have been very awkward to try and arrange if already in place.

After setting up my main piece I arranged the French Knitting corner. I had brought a table cloth to go over the table to make it seem softer due to the extreme anglles and also to cover the instructions for the activity the table is currently used for.  I set the spaces and arranged the chairs all around the front of the table as this would be the most effective way for me to be able to instruct and watch people knit, as I sat onone of the other edges.. To decorate the table, whilst also showing what you can, and I am able to, knit, I had some hearts and the mindflow test sample. These also made the table seem as though more was going on and gave it some details. As I knew that I would need scissors and bodkins for the activity but could not have these loose on the table I made sure to have a smart puch to keep them inside that I could not loose. I put all of the yarn right in the centre so that it was clear what colours where availible whilst also acting as a decoration. Once I was happy with the presentation I assisted others where help was needed.

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