Stitching Out Stigma

Stitching Out Stigma

This was a project started by Nat McCulloch, whilst hospitalised due to her eating disorder. She combined her obsession with cross-stitch with a way of detailing little discussed mental health issues. She took her inspiration from the Bayeux tapestry and started a quilt . Each panel cross stitched by a different pesron and looking at a different issue. She started by getting her family and friends to contribute,  word spread through contacts and emails until this became a worldwide project with 50 panels.

The final piece, christened ‘Stitching out Stigma’ displays individual experiences of mental health issues. It has been displayed by the media, large corporations and agancies such as MIND.

I love the idea of a communal piece celebrating different abilities, styles and experiences. Each panel is deeply personal yet they link to form a cohesive project. All the people involved had the same brief, and used the same basic technique but responded in such different ways and styles. The idea to split it in two and create than jus one very large one is a great benefit, as it is not overwhelming and you are more likely to look, and be able to look at each section in detail.

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