Take Down

Take Down

At the end of the event on Sunday I took home lots of the items I had brought with me, all the French knitting items, the tablecloths etc, so that there was less to take down today.

My piece was very easy to take down, just undo two nuts and peel away some glue. It all folded down into an easy to carry bag which is great for future transportation and storage. The plinths were then placed near the door, so they were close for when the van came.

We then all helped taking down the other exhibits with the help of the technician. Most time was taken with the pipes though the room also took a while as we had to scrub some paint of the floor. We tried to pack everything so it could be easily loaded into the van.

We made sure to move back all the furniture to the original places and put back lots of the art that had been up before, leaving space for more creations.

We made sure that we left it as close to as we found it as we could, there were a few holes in walls the gallery had okayed, remembering to remove all stickers and the posters and fliers from within the Gallery.

It was very lovely and encouraging that the gallery had bought us biscuits and had tea and coffee for us whilst we took it down. The taking down took far less time than the set up so we were able to relax, reflect and converse with the museum staff whilst waiting for the van.

We had an awful lot of stuff to fit in the van to go back to university and my Tetris skills were very useful for managing to get it all in. It was very strange seeing the space again without our items.

We had to follow the van up to the university to unload and store our items. This was probably the most difficult bit as we had to carry such large items through rooms full of students and tables, as well as narrow corridors to reach the storage space. It was quite impressive how much we had fitted into that van.

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