Temple Newsam

Temple Newsam

Whilst I have grown up in Leeds and visited Temple Newsam on numerous occasions I had never actually been inside the house. This is the main aim of the brief. Most people who visit Temple Newsam do not enter the house, and so by showing the connections between the different areas they want to drive people to explore all the site has to offer.

The brief we have been given for this project is rather broad



Inside the house and being told all of its history was incredibly interesting. Throughout the house, a few aspects really interested me

The convalescence hospital- History, and particularly medical history is something that really interests me. The different ways that patients are treated through time and the advances in medicine that occur due to war is a huge area in history. The fact that patients, whilst recovering had to train to go back to the trenches is hard to imagine, it must have been so difficult for the patients and the Drs and nurses to witness.


The Wallpaper- The idea of cutting out and sticking a picture of birds from the almanack on to hand-painted Chinese silk wallpaper gifted to you by the king of England is insane. The lack of understanding just how insanely expensive both these items are, or the lack of feeling they need preserving seems alien to most. This could be something I could explore maybe; I think this could link to different parts.

The clock- This clock is amazing, the way that it is so detailed, and all of the different parts move, I think that this is something that could maybe used as a mechanism to link different area. Like how different areas measure time, or how different things go in different places at varying times of the day, and how these all vary between the different times of the day.


I think that the main thing that I am really keen on with my piece is that it is more than one, that it is not just in the house, it is the place that least people go it, but I think if seeing the relation and how beautiful it is inside, plus all of the history people are more likely to go in.

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