Website and Instagram

Website and Instagram

For all shops in the modern age, an online presence of some form is required. I decided that for my own shop the best option would be to have my own website. I am not a web developer and so outsourced it to White Mill Media. I had discussions with them about what my shop was, sending them my mission statement and some of the initial ideas I had for what my shop was going to sell. I told them it was still developing and evolving, new products would need to be added and removed as time goes.

I was asked which websites for knitting I have looked at which I like. The only one I have ever visited where I noticed it is a nice website is wool and the gang, which is a huge company. Most of the other big brands are starting to copy wool and the gang’s style, making there own a bit more modern and simple, but none quite as well. For smaller independent websites they tend to have an awful lot of adverts. I understand that this is a good way to earn some extra money from the site, especially as most tend to have free patterns to increase traffic flow, which helps page ranking, but I find it so off-putting and ugly I tend to avoid them.

The developer liked the wool and the gang website and was excited as he had been wanting to try out a new style, he had seen that would fit within the same vein as wool and the gangs.

I bought the domain name at the same time as I chose the Instagram name, making sure to purchase both the .com and the




Once the website was nearer completion the developer asked me to send over a website copy. This was not something that I had heard about before but did some research into and was also helped by examples from the developer in writing my own website copy.

The website links straight to my Instagram and Etsy shop, with my Instagram posts appearing as a feed along the bottom of the home page. I really like this effect and think that my style choice to take the photos on a plain white background fits in perfectly with the website, forming a cohesive look between the two. The developer also used some of my photographs across the site, which was possible to animate more due to the white background, and I really love how they subtly move. It reminds me of what they do on the long reads the BBC often has.

The developer asked me for any feedback I had on the website, and whilst there was one small error, with the y being on the wrong line.


I absolutely loved the rest and thought that it was perfect, and exactly right for what I want my brand and shop to be. I am so glad that I outsourced as I know that I would not be able to design a website anywhere near as good. It also lead to me to develop my own store by writing the website copy, which I do not know whether I would have heard about or done had it not been for them.

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