Working as group

Working as group

Right from the start we were a very collected and organised group. There were no arguments through the project, just polite discussion’s everyone felt gave opinions without feeling scared and welcomed other opinions, even if negative. We all listened to each other and were flexible and positive with our responses.

We all discussed our ideas as a group and helped, giving suggestions to improve or help with practicalities. As it was a collaborative exhibition, we all felt it important that the pieces be cohesive, and even though all on the same page from the start, we did adapt our ideas to ensure they all worked together.

As a group we worked to make sure that everything worked, helping each other with making, setting up, running and getting materials.

As a group we did not have one set leader, different people oversaw certain areas, such as Jonathan was the main contact with the gallery, we all contributed according to our strengths and abilities and it was democratic in decision making.

As meeting in person is often the best way to communicate, we tried to utilise as much time as we could to meet at the university and occasionally at other venues, including people’s houses. When this was not possible and for sharing information, we used online resources, setting up a google Drive for the event early on.

The only ever slight issue was when large changes to areas such as the posters and fliers where made without everyone in the group agreeing to them. This was more a curtesy issue and once mentioned it was made certain that all changes where okayed by everyone before moving forwards.

As a group the main issue we faced was communication with the gallery. It is hard for such a large venue to confirm details in the time we had available. It would have greatly eased and helped our preparation and promotion if as a group we could have formed earlier.

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